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Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman, a man from the village of Chingori, Bagerhat who struggled with life since boyhood and developed a business career and played an important role to glorify Bangladesh in the World. His followings activities are remarkable.

Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman works at least 16-18 hours a day. All this time he shows innovative idea. With his innovative ideas, he brought Group 4 Securitas BV, the first multinational security company under joint venture with IPSSL in Bangladesh, currently employing over 15000 Bangladeshis at home and abroad.

He brought Hertz international licensee in Bangladesh in 1998, the US based World's #1 Car Rental Company. Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman pioneered to introduce the commercial Helicopter Service in Bangladesh for the first time after the independence. He have pioneered to carry shrimp fry from Cox's Bazaar to Jessore, and saving over 1000 crore taka per year for Bangladesh by stopping import of shrimp fry from abroad. He is the one person to take the challenge and responsibility by the call of the Government of Bangladesh to assist the export sectors by airlifting export and import goods which got stranded in Dhaka and Chittagong during the 1998 devastating flood. He brought a Cargo Aircraft from Iran and helped BGMEA and others to carry their goods day and night between Dhaka and Chittagong, Dhaka-Dubai, while the road and railway link was totally disrupted for few weeks and saved the RMG sector from a huge financial loss. It was discussed in the parliament session and a vote of thanks was given by the members.

Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman has been assisting to evacuate critical patients to Singapore, Thailand and India. Where he actively assisted and did his best to evacuate few of the well-known people, current and ex Member of Parliament and their family members.

In the year of 2009, a book was published "Din Bodoler Kotha'’ which comprised of all his articles which was published in different newspapers in different time. Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman is an innovative person, and with his speed, education, knowledge, and vision, he has established many more projects for this country. He can contribute substantially which will create jobs, attract investment, and help the nation long term wish to appraise few of the matter.

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