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About Me
Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman is a Dynamic, Pragmatic & Successful Businessman of this generation by his dedication, devotion and hard work. He proved himself as a "Self Made" man in different business areas not only in Bangladesh also globally. In Bangladesh he is the creator of new concepts in service oriented business. He has widened his business networks in various fields like Finance, Aviation, Security, Hotels & Tourism, Large Industry, Media, and Joint Ventures with Developed Countries. He enjoys to create and facilitate many avenues of opportunities for thousands of deprived and needy, which played a significant role in the national economy of Bangladesh.

He was born on 30th October 1969 in an Elite Muslim Family in the Village Chingori of Chitolmari in Bagerhat District. Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman has done his Post Graduation in English from Dhaka University. He has developed his Business Management Capacity from different institutions at home & abroad. He is the Chairman of IPSSL Group, one of the Largest Corporate Business House in Bangladesh. In Linguistics, he is a Multi-Lingual person. He speaks Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Chinese, Russian & French. His achievements in philanthropic field are extraordinary examples of inspiration for the upliftment and benefit of the society.

Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman is an optimistic person always. He dreams a prosperous Bangladesh. He likes to encourage young generation to be educated first in order to be self-reliant. He has been contributing to different articles on various national and international burning issues for different Magazines, Journals and Publications. He doesn't cease exploring, exciting and accomplishing, as he is one of the most creative business thinker. As a very young man, he emerged as a dynamic entrepreneur by establishing a Group of Industries in Bangladesh by which he has made his mark on national economy and footprint on the contemporary time.

Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman never ever compromised himself with any wrong doings that would go against interest of his country. He has been always vocal against Religious Fanaticism.

He is a proud father of 2 sons and a very happy man in his conjugal life with Ismat Jahan Lizi.

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